Thursday, January 29, 2009


I feel a little sheepish about not writing  an end of year list of my favourite performances. What I am doing instead is producing a list of my five favourite music videos of 2008. Some you probably will have seen, some not. 
In no particular order:

Francis and the Lights "The Top"
This is amazingly simple and captures a great performance from the front man (I'm assuming Francis). The song doesn't do it for me, but to be able to enjoy the performance in a single shot is a rarity.

Omaha Bitch "Orgasmic Troopers"
At last. Ballet and metal. A match made in heaven. The concept doesn't really sustain itself. But its a great concept.

Justice "Stress"
I have my qualms about posting this. It is very violent, it is clearly in a moral grey area, it has been controversial. It is, however, a great piece of work technically. It generates stress in the viewer very successfully and breaks the 4th wall really amazingly, in a manner I have never seen before and am unlikely to again. Its extremely compelling.
Be warned.

Beyonce "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"
Think what you may, this is a great clip. I don't care what you think of me for posting it. Call me what you will. I don't care about my street cred. I love this clip. Great to see editing which serves the choreography. This clip has been widely abused for being a Bob Fosse rip off - I couldn't care less. I love Fosse if there's anyone to rip off its him.
Rip him off more. Come on. Do it. I dares ya.

Kanye West "Flashing Lights"
Again, I don't care. Sticks and stones will break my bones... I love that of all the things in this clip to pixelate, they've gone for the lighter fluid. That'll stop those damn kids.

Gnarls Barkley "Going On"
I can't imagine a clip more unexpectedly suited to the track. Fantastic performances, choreography, art direction and concept. 
I love it. 

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