Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm all aflutter at what seems to be Wendy Houstoun's response to my previous post (am I an idiot for thinking it might actually be? Could it be? Will we ever truly know?) 
Had I any inclination that she would be reading this drivel, I would:
-have written much, much better 
-have probably gotten someone else to ghost write my review
-be arrogant
I've had a couple of interesting conversations re. Beck's signage and sponsorship including one with someone who works at the Meat Market. I have every intention of following this up a little, in probably a fairly half-assed way (with delusions of 'All the President's Men' flickering away in my little brain box) when I get some more time up my sleeve. 
In the meantime though, rather than wish I had written a better review, rather than editing what I have written, in the spirit of Houstoun herself, some intentions:
1) I had intended to discuss The Fondue Set's 'No Success Like Failure' and Forced Entertainment's 'Bloody Mess' in relation to Wendy Houstoun. I just forgot and next thing you know I had kind of finished what I had written (therein is the 'craft' in what I do here - stumble about blindly until I finish). 'No Success Like Failure' has been one of my favourite theatre-going experiences this year. And I'm not just saying that. I'm not a sycophant. Promise I'm not.
2) I had intended to reflect thoroughly upon our drinking culture in this country with statistics, socio-economic break-downs and hypotheses. And to make a series of stunning insights about the manner in which our society both tacitly and not so tacitly endorses a culture determined to drink itself to death. And just how much Beck's' sponsorship of this event undercut any valid social criticism. At which point I would have tied it all up to illustrate the pervasive nature of big brewery company's advertising. 
3) I had intended to be more self-deprecating and funny. I can be. I also can, at the drop of a hat, get all high and mighty. Which is what I apparently decided to do instead.
4) I had intended to delve into the structure of both 'Desert Island Dances' and 'Happy Hour', compare, contrast and discuss. Or at the very least quantify why the structure of 'Desert Island Dances' seemed to support the performance more than the structure of 'Happy Hour' did. 
5) I had intended to be erudite.
6) I had intended for there to be more structure to what I wrote, to support the arguments that I was making.
You would have loved it.

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Veronica Bolzon said...

yeah and imagine what you could have done if you'd had some of that glow in the dark chalk!