Sunday, September 28, 2008

Empire Falls

This is a clip I made for Plastic Palace Alice's single 'Empire Falls'. It was directed by my good self and shot and edited by Aleks from Aleks and the Ramps aka Cobra Kitten. It was devised and performed by First Impressions Youth Theatre. We made it over a year ago and there are certainly things I would change, seeing it now.
I was thinking about Haneke's shot for shot remake of 'Funny Games' the other day. It was first made over ten years ago. I don't know anyone who would recreate something ten years later shot for shot as it were. Where does he get the chutzpah to do that?
Anyway have a good ol' butchers at this. Even though there are things that I would change, it still makes me happy.

Empire Falls from long sentence on Vimeo.

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